Rafflesia Adventure

The Rafflesia being the highest flower in the world is to be seen before it is too late. Many thought Rafflesia is only found in Borneo and Sumatra. But it also grows here in the wild. The mystery flower is a unique plant.

The journey takes a land rover drive around 40 mins – 60 mins to the site. Then you are required to make for about 2-4 hours to see the flower, 2 ways. This amazing flower is one of the rarest plant in the world. It is still a well kept secret, nothing much for certain is known about this flower.

While walking along to and from our guides will also introduce to the forest. You will be briefed about the forest along the way.

An Orang Asli village is also part at this trip. Lets learn about the native life style which slowly changing. Take the opportunity to try the blowpipe. The silent killer is the most effective weapon.

The Giant Green Carpet” BOH Tea Plantation. Photo stop at the plantation with the post card view continue with small briefing from our guide about BOH. Factory visit at the BOH centre with well trained factory tour guide. Enjoy a cup of tea the at BOH Tea Café by sitting at terrace of panoramic view of plantation before leave the center.

Butterfly Farm. Observation from many different varieties of beetles, insects, & reptiles. Not forget about the butterflies flies free around you with many colours and varieties including “Raja Brooke” .

Big Red Juicy Strawberry Farm. Enjoy the red and sweet strawberries topping with fresh whipping cream and honey while walking around the farm and a tasty homemade fresh strawberry milk shake for make your trip full fill.


Travel by 4×4 Off-Road Drive Vehicle

– Aborigine Village
– Blow Pipe Hunting (Demonstration)
– Waterfall / Swimming
– Jungle Trekking (2-3 Hours)
– Rafflesia – The World’s Biggest Flower (Seasonal)
– Tea Plantation & Factory Visit
– Butterfly Farm
– Strawberry Farm


(8.45am – 6.00pm)

* Exclude Entrance Fees


RM75 per person